Is an apprenticeship for you?

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Is an apprenticeship for you?

If you want the benefits of getting paid whilst continuing your studies, then an apprenticeship could be for you. 

An apprenticeship means that you'll be getting some real work experience with a company, you'll receive a wage and you'll get up to date training that is relevant to the job. When you finish your apprenticeship, not only can you say that you've gained specialist skills but you will already have valuable experience to put on your CV.

Apprenticeships aren't just for traditional trades either, so whether you're looking for a career in IT, creative, retail, finance right through to areas such as the arts, hospitality and catering, then an apprenticeship could be exactly what you need.

Did you know?

More than 50% of Nissan’s board of directors were former apprentices.


The increased future earning potential for those with an Advanced Apprenticeship is around £117,000 more than those without, over the course of their career.

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