Alex Fife

Alex Fife

  • Course

    Trainee Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship
  • Job

    Electronic Technician at Nissan Sunderland
Alex Fife

Alex is on the road to career success after securing a job as an Electronic Technician with the UK’s most productive car plant, Nissan. Alex got his big chance when he enrolled on a five-year Trainee Maintenance Technician apprenticeship at Nissan, run by Gateshead College and NAC Group.

 His Apprenticeship combined classroom and practical skills, working towards a nationally recognised qualification whilst earning a competitive salary. His first year was spent in Gateshead College’s training centre and the remaining four years working in the Nissan plant with a day a week at college. After his Apprenticeship came to an end Alex was offered a permanent position.

He said: “As a teenager, I always dreamed of a career in the engineering industry. I caught the bug from my dad who was a Vehicle Quality Engineer. I did well in practical subjects at school, I never really wanted to go to university but I knew I needed extra training to get my foot on the career ladder.”

“Apprenticeships give you the chance to study for qualifications that are valued by employers - and you earn a wage at the same time. I really would recommend them”.