Jennie Moyse

  • Course

    Foundation Degree in Sports Coaching
  • Job

    Personal Yrainer

Jennie joined Gateshead College as she wanted to pursue a more practical way of learning; she is now working as a self-employed personal trainer for SR2 gym in Sunderland.

Jennie’s passion for sport spurred her to study for a career in the sector and she knew that in order to be successful in a competitive field she needed a practical, hands on course that would prepare her for going straight into a job.

Jennie said: “I chose Gateshead College because I wanted to do something more vocational, I knew the college was really successful in the area of sport and a friend of mine had studied the Foundation Degree in Sports Coaching, she showed me the structure of the course and it seemed like the perfect option for me."

As well as a the practical focus of the Sports Coaching programme, Jennie also enjoyed classroom lessons and found the college to be a supportive learning environment for her.

Jennie added: “The lessons were interesting and the teachers were really passionate and kept me engaged the whole way through as well as being really approachable. I think the smaller class sizes are a huge plus point, you feel like you’re getting a much more personal experience than you would get by going to university.”

During her time at college, Jennie took part in work experience placements where she was able to apply her learning in the work place. This practical focus gave Jennie the transferable skills needed to set up as a self employed personal trainer.

“I worked in schools and took part in work placements to get experience in coaching which really helped me develop my personal skills and fully prepared me for going out on my own. The modules were really practical and learning about nutrition and sports injury has been crucial as a trainer. My course
was great at preparing me for working in different situations and with a wide range of people, from different ability levels to those with disabilities; it’s essential as a personal trainer that I can adapt the way I train to suit the individual client.”