The alternatives

University not for you? There are lots of other options.

What's the alternative?

Didn’t get the grades you wanted or the place you were hoping for? Worried about the costs or just not sure that you’re ready for University yet? There’s loads of other options for you to consider. Here are just some of them.

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Further study

 Our higher education programmes reflect industry needs; courses and facilities are designed by working closely with businesses and entrepreneurs to give our students the employment edge. With lower fees and smaller class sizes, our range of courses, could be for you: take a look online for our latest courses.

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Apprenticeships can give you a head-start on the career ladder and for many people is a good alternative to going to University. Some people choose to get work experience under their belts rather than choosing to study at University. If you want to learn skills, get a qualification and get paid, an apprenticeship could be an ideal alternative. Go to our apprenticeship pages to find out more. 

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Distance learning

You don’t have to choose to physically go to University, distance learning could be the answer if you want a qualification without leaving home. Distance learning is something to consider if you want flexibility to study from home at time that suits you. Distance learning could mean that you could work at the same time so good for the finances as well as being a route to getting onto a course which may not have been available to you at University. The Open University is the best place to start your search.

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Whether you’re looking for a gap year job or you choose to find a job in a career that you’re interested in, visit our Job Hunt section and get the help you need to apply for that job. 

Gap year

Many people take a year out between finishing college and starting Uni. Whether you use that year to work, to travel or to volunteer, if you use the time wisely then a gap year should broaden your mind and give you tons of life experience. You may want to (or need to) mix the above and work for six months to give you enough money to travel. 

Top 5 Gap Year Destinations 

1)    Thailand                      2)    Australia                3)    USA              4)    South Africa                5)    Peru

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