The world's largest social network.

What is Facebook?

With more than 1 billion users, Facebook is the world’s largest social network. Founder Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in 2004 while he was an undergraduate computer science student at Harvard University.

Facebook allows users to create their profile, post status updates, connect with friends, share photographs and videos and comment on activity from around the world.

The number of users and the average time spent on Facebook makes it the king (or queen) of online communication and must be considered when you’re looking for a job in today’s world. You need to make sure that your profile is appropriate for your future employer - so yes, make sure that only your close friends can see the drunken photo of you and your mates!

The average user spends at least 20 minutes on Facebook daily.

Let's start with the basics

You may not have actually set your Facebook profile up yet (not likely), maybe you're a beginner or maybe you just have not had the time to work out all the features. Well, whatever level you are, we've pulled together the network's main features to help you on your way.

  • 'Like'
  • Friends
  • Subscribe
  • News Feed
  • Timeline
  • Status Update
  • Tagging
  • Privacy

The ‘like’ button is one of the most important features of Facebook. It lives on almost every bit of the network including status updates, photographs, comments, company pages and even adverts. You may (most definitely will) have also seen this button outside of the social network within shopping, news and other sites. When ‘liking’ something outside of Facebook this pulls through to your timeline and allows friends to comment on the activity.   

Once you’ve got started with your basic information and your Timeline has sprung to life, you’re ready for some friends. Many of your work colleagues, family, classmates, neighbours and their dogs will already be on the network (we promise) you just need to find them.

As your friends list grows, Facebook will be able to suggest potential friends in the ‘People You May Know’ section. This is based on your current connections and their network.

You can enable users to subscribe to your profile which publicises updates within your timeline. This feature, obviously, is useful for celebrities and other public futures who would like to interact with fans without giving access to their full personal profile.

Again, you can control what information people see and this makes the Subscribe feature very valuable in terms of marketing yourself and being a lot more transparent to prospective employers - remember to make sure everything is appropriate!

Once you’ve logged into Facebook, the first thing you'll see is your News Feed. This is made up of your friends’ status updates, photographs, shared links and even what relationship has just ended (yes, people do share that information!). Your news feed is based on your activity and displays what Facebook thinks that you find important so you updates appear in order of importance not most recent.

Before you begin searching for friends, it’s important to complete your personal profile (Timeline). This includes everything from uploading a profile picture and cover photo to adding the films that you’ve watched, books you’ve read and places you have been as well as adding your relationship status… Okay, that’s optional.

Your profile is set out as a timeline (most recent first) and includes milestones, memories and key dates in your life. It is encouraged that you include as much detail as possible and many, many people do - so, don’t be shy. Just make sure it’s the right detail and not last night’s salad!

A status update is your way of sharing something with your Facebook friends. You can tell people what you are doing, where you are and even who you are with. You can also share photos, videos, links and even create a poll - remember who your friends are and what they (or an employer) actually want to see. Again, your dinner isn’t important.

Within Facebook you can tag another user within a status update, photograph and comments. This will then notify that user and appear on their timeline. This created additional connections between friends and another way to communicate based on something that they’ve seen or done and, as you can imagine, this can be good and bad.

We’d advise that you are very aware of your tagging privacy settings within Facebook and adjust these settings to allow you to review tags before they’re posted. This will give you full control of what is published to your timeline which is super important!


Facebook privacy settings is hugely important and we could create an entire webpage on this feature alone. However, with your time in mind, we’ve pulled together the main aspects that you need to be aware of:

  • Public profile: You have complete control over what any type of Facebook user sees. Nearly every feature within your profile can be set as public, friends only or only you and you should utilise this to make sure everybody sees only what you would like them to see.

  • User privacy: If you have several different friendship groups within your Facebook friends you might want to add these groups to a particular list. This will allow you to choose what updates, posts and tags of you that they can view - your football buddies may care about your thoughts on last night’s game but your work colleagues may not!

  • Third-party applications: When logging into certain applications such as Spotify using Facebook it needs to access information on your profile. They will ask for permission before you begin using the app but this can be turned off if you are unsure of the privacy risks attached.

66% of companies use Facebook for recruiting.

So, how do we find a job using Facebook?


This is the single most important element of your Facebook profile. You should take time to know exactly what others can see on your profile right through from a stranger to your best friend and make sure that the right people can see the right things - if you hide your work information, how will anybody know what it is that you do?

Stay updated

The world of work moves incredibly fast and it is therefore crucial to make sure all of your work information and qualifications are up-to-date - the chances are you’re a lot more employable than you were two years ago!

Add Professional Skills

Not too long ago, Facebook extended the ‘About’ section to include ‘Professional Skills’. This allows you to add the skills that make up who you are in the professional world. 

'Like' stuff

Nearly every company feels that they need to be ‘on Facebook’ and post a lot of information regarding what the company is all about, up to and needs on the network. By ‘Liking’ them you will see their posts within your News Feed which will allow you to not only see any posts regarding available positions at the company but learn about them along the way.

Want to use Facebook to find a job but need more help? Book an appointment with us.